R & D Department: Zhihang R&D dept. are divided into three teams, R & D1, R & D2 and R & D 3.  R & D department has large number of experienced and professional talents on this industry, 80% of them are undergraduate and Ph.D., master's degree or higher, most of the engineers has more than three years of working experience in the car audio industry, Zhihang attract the top figures in this industry . The lead of the R & D Department - Mr Yang Guangming is one of them. Yang Guangming has a master's degree, the vice general manager, the industry's leading platform for development, platform application engineer, the first touch screen car navigation designer.

R & D Department 1:  they are including the structure, electronics, software, and detecting engineers. The main development and application is the new platform, quick to seize the market for Zhihang to build a solid foundation. Today, successful launch their own create platforms such as GOD-2, GOD-1, S100, S80, S70, S40, S60, S50, S30 series, etc.


R & D Department 2: with more than 30 senior software engineers, is the essence of Zhihang. All platform research and development ,platform upgrades, and testing of the new platform made by R & D 2 ‘s engineers.

R & D Department 3 is belong to the Domestic Marketing Center, the main research and development work of new domestic models, and strive to provide domestic the fastest, latest and most comprehensive car navigation products. Elite, well, precise are the product quality assurance.

Foreign Marketing Department: divided into the marketing department, sales department, and after - sales department.

Marketing Department: dedicated to the promotion of brands and product planning, product innovation needs; to carry out market research; website construction, maintenance, management and promotion; to provide effective support for the Sales Department expand.


Sales Department: collect market information, and grasp market dynamics; to develop sales plans, forecasting the market; design the marketing channels, to establish marketing networks; the implementation of sales and sales effectiveness.


After-sales Department: concentrate on building fast, dedicated, professional after-sales service, the service concept of “To our customers, to honest ", establish and improve customer service system, the aim is to provide customers with a caring, efficient, professional five-star service.     

What’s more, the Aftersales Department is subdivided into the Customer Service Department, Accessories Management Department, Return Management Department, Network Management Department and Technical Support Department.

SMT chip Shop: with huge amounts of money to build a world-class advanced SMT chip shop. World-class SMT placement machine, it is the core material for all electronic products, circuit board quality assurance. SMT chip shop has the most stringent quality inspection procedures, and strive to minimize the defect rate of the company's products ,allow customers to buy the most stable products and to use the most reliable products.


Mold injection molding and injection workshop: with a group of more than ten years experience in mold design, master mold production, plastic beer master, the injector master, to ensure that the fastest production of new products mold. Master of a wealth of industry experience and the company's rigorous quality testing procedures makes the appearance of the product injector colors and the mold to get the quality assurance.


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